Erasmus+ Project: CRE.O.LA – KA210-YOU-Small-Scale partnerships in Youth

The main objective of this Erasmus+ project is to ease the way a young low skilled migrant can enter the labour market, upon arriving in a country, so as to be able to be financially dependent.

This is done by teaching them digital, linguistic and social skills which would allow them to adapt in the workplace, since in reality these migrants face a culture-shock when going to a new country to settle and primarily work.

More specifically this project seeks to increase the digital skills among migrants so that they would be in a better position to integrate within the labour market, as well as increase their probability of getting chosen for employment.

This is done through the use of IT channels so that the concerned person would be able to search for employment, as well as through the familiarizing of the digital identity which is so prominent in this day and age.

Moreover, this project also seeks to increase the language skills of these young migrants, so that they would have the tools needed to be independent and communicate during their job.

Nonetheless, another aim of this project is to teach inclusion, which allows local employers and migrants to have better opportunities and chances of meeting and working together. Therefore, through these factors, young migrants can be able to integrate within the labour market.

This project aims to mainly target young migrants, including asylum seekers, refugees, seasonal workers and their families, as well as the employers and owners of the local businesses, which employ the young migrants. Indirectly, members of local communities will also be targeted so that the young migrants will have a greater opportunity to integrate.

This project is co-ordinated by a partner from Italy.

The other partners in this project are from Slovakia, Ireland, and Malta.

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