Preparation: Elżbieta Królikowska-Kińska, Marek Melaniuk, Beata Owczarska (Akademia Seniora Activus) and Curtis Ferrugia, Rosanne Galea (Future Focus Ltd.)

One of the main objective of Erasmus+ Project “Active 60+ in Europe of Shared Values” is to strengthen awareness and sense of European identity among the participants of project, especially among seniors.

The Project Coordinator is Activus Foundation based in Łódź, Poland and Project Partner is Future Focus Ltd., based in Floriana, Malta. Our Polish team developed the survey to analyse the importance of the values functioning in the European Union.

The project “Active 60+ in Europe of common values” was implemented by the Activus Foundation, which pursues its statutory goals through the Senior Academy and the adult education organization in Malta – Future Focus Ltd..

Contact was established via the EPALE platform. Both institutions work to support adults in their continuous intellectual and spiritual development, to make them aware of their potential for action, and to create conditions for social integration.

Thanks to the “Active 60+ in Europe of common values” project, the following qualitative results were achieved in the FA-FFL Partnership:

On the institutional level

  1. Partnership cooperation was established with an adult education institution in the EU (Future Focus Ltd. from Malta).
  2. Both institutions have gained experience in implementing an international partnership project under the Erasmus+ programme.
  3. The Activus Foundation gained its first experience in managing an international project as a Project Coordinator.
  4. Experience in the implementation of international projects gained in the project “Active 60+ in Europe of Common Values” contributed to the increase of awareness and deepening the sense of European identity among the target groups of the FA-FFL Partnership.
  5. A cooperation network was built on the organizational level of the FA-FFL Partnership.
  6. There was organizational development in both institutions in the areas of management, organizational culture, educational offer, forms of training work in the institution and in the environment of the local community.
  7. The prestige and recognition of the Activus Foundation in the Lodz community of organizations activating and educating seniors has increased.
  8. Future Focus Ltd. gained experience in carrying out a large social research.
  9. Future Focus Ltd. deepened its cooperation with the senior organization in Floriana and opened its offer to a new target group.


On an individual level, members of the project’s target groups:

1. The staff of the Activus Foundation increased their management competences in the field of law and communication by preparing the Partnership Agreement.

2. The staff of the Activus Foundation improved their management competences, especially in the field of planning, monitoring and risk management in projects.

3. The staff of the Activus Foundation improved their competences in the field of communication in English.

4. The staff of Future Focus Ltd. increased their management competences, especially in the field of communication, planning joint ventures and documenting activities in accordance with the Partnership Agreement.

5. Participants of study trips improved their communication skills in foreign languages, cultural and social skills.

6. The students of the Activus Senior Academy participating in the relevant workshops deepened their key competences:

– in the field of creating and understanding information, including by activating and joining debates, discussions and conversations,

– digital, with particular emphasis on the safe use of Internet resources, and the specificity of the language of communication in the digital space,

– functional digital competences necessary to actively participate in many activities,

– in the field of practical use of basic vocabulary and phrases in Italian,

– self-presentation skills, presentation of your own organization and your little homeland in English,

– in terms of personal and social development and learning skills.

7. A network of cooperation was built on the individual level of the participants of the target groups.

8. Increased cultural awareness in the project target groups (Future Focus Ltd. staff, Activus Foundation staff, Activus Senior Academy students) – awareness of common European values, common history, mechanisms of the European Union, benefits and limitations of belonging to the EU .



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